Is your website Mobile Ready?

website design

Our website design will improve your credibility and position your brand.  Our team of experts will provide cutting-edge web development solutions and in that manner ensure complete functionality of your marketing vehicle-website. Our website design solutions will further enable you to work even when you’re outside of the office and also ensure improved revenue.

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mobile web design

Are your potential clients or referral sources likely to use a mobile device to search for you or for information that might be contained on your website? If so, what is it that they are searching for? Is it the same or different than what they would be searching for on their desktop or laptop computer? What are your potential clients likely to use their mobile devices for?

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app design

Our app team is focused on top smartphone and tablet platforms. We pick platforms where users engage with apps, use them frequently, share their experiences on their Facebook and Twitter profiles. Detailed, single page deep reports. Audience, usage, retention, page stats, sessions stats and more. Analyze and optimize your content and user base until you get best performances.

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TZdesignstudio Mobile Ready

are you mobile ready?

It wasn’t too long ago that designers didn’t really need to worry how websites looked on mobile phones and tablets. Phones weren’t yet really practical for web viewing, and before the iPad, tablets were more of a novelty than an essential. Obviously, all that has changed and most tech experts predict that in the next few years, likely sooner rather than later, mobile ready browsing will overtake desktop browsing as the dominant way of viewing the Web. Is your website mobile ready for viewing on the latest smartphones?
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is social media making you sad?
Small business owners and non-profit leaders are just plain overwhelmed with social media. Not because they don’t know how to use it and not because they don’t understand its value. They’re stressed because the space changes at such a rapid pace. It’s impossible to get on every platform and more importantly, it’s just not smart.  Instead of focusing on the quantity of social connections and sites you have, focus more on quality control. Let our team manage and fine tune your social media exposure.
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publishing digital media?
TZDesignstudio's Digital Publishing System covers all aspects of digital publishing from content design to distribution and analytics. It combines the most advanced content design tools with a versatile library of ready-to-use apps, ePub3 export, and a Web reader. We enable publishers across industries to create richly designed books, children’s books, graphic novels, magazines, newspapers, marketing communications, and corporate publishing
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screencasts of the month
Each and every month TZDesignstudio will publish two screencasts. One for your mobile iOS device and one to address common questions that occasionally rear their ugly heads.
If you have an idea for a screencast we'd love to hear from you. Click here and send us your 5 star idea.
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