Want to get to grow your church? There’s an App for that

TZDesignstudio sponsored by the Men’s Discipleship Network are thrilled to introduce the:

“Want to grow your church? There’s an App for that.” Program

Below are just some of the exciting features:

Engage and connect instantly with your members, build your community.
Collect donations electronically, safely and securely.
Share your video, audio and written messages.
App users post comments, share messages and add like buttons.
Collect donations electronically, safely and securely.
Real Time tracking of all donations and sales.
Full integration with Facebook and Twitter.
Envision an instant prayer list.
Community build from within your own congregation.

All these Features, and the Program is Designed
to Pay For Itself!
Click here for more info.

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Engage… Connect... Build

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Do you have a Church or Non Profit?
You need the TZDesignstudio Church App.

Are you a Pastor, Priest, or Ministry Leader? Do you have a Congregation, Parish or Ministry?
Keep in touch with your people through the TZDesignstudio Church App.
Envision having an instant prayer list.
Have all your messages (all types of media, video, audio and written word) available at the fingertips of your people.
This provides you the ability in real time to update information and make changes to services, events and meetings.
Collect donations electronically and securely through Paypal
Create a community that prays, shares and comes together anytime, anyplace.

Websites are great, but people don’t carry
their laptops in their pockets.

"New Study Shows the Mobile Web Will Rule by 2015"
-Mashable, April 2010
"Mobile Internet Now a Daily Ritual For Millions, Study Finds"
-Switched, March 2009
"...mobile Internet usage is ramping up substantially faster than desktop Internet usage did."
- Mary Meeker, head of the Morgan Stanley global technology research team, via GigaOM, April 2010
Apps and mobile websites are the future, are you ready?

How can I get my Church or Non Profit an App?

Complete form to the right and one of our Sales Specialists will get back to you promptly.

Contact us:
TZDesignstudio 631-747-3646 or [email protected]
God4Me 631-753-1244 or [email protected]
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....Please Fill In Form
E I am Interested

Call today we want to answer your pre-sales questions. 631-648-8952

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Have some additional questions? Contact us on Twitter or via email. We would be happy to help!
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